ince its founding in 1994, the Felici Piano Trio has not only been committed to artistic excellence, but equally dedicated to develop the appreciation and love of music in the audiences of today and tomorrow.

Felici has been awarded numerous grants to design and implement diverse outreach and educational programs from organizations such as Chamber Music America, the California Arts Council and the Ministry of Culture and Education of the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Felici Trio offers a variety of mini-residency activities in conjunction with their concerts. These events address audiences/participants of all ages in a variety of community settings. The presenting organization chooses what events meet best its goals and needs.

Kids' Concerts
These 45-60 minute in-school concerts introduce children to the world of art music through stories and portraits of composers. Music and composers are presented through topics that children relate to from their own experiences, such as friendship, family, sports, painting and dance. "Kids' Concerts" invite active participation in the various processes of music making, with the goal to nurture the inborn love of music in all children. Download a PDF of the 2009-2010 Kids Concerts schedule.

Mini Recital
For example, a lunchtime concert of ca. 30-45 min., suited for an intimate space, ideal for community outreach events.

Workshop Recital
Includes 30-45 min. performance and informative talk about the composers and music to be performed at the formal concert.

Best suited for music schools, colleges, and amateur chamber music societies. These sessions could be combined with...

Informal Music Making
Chamber repertoire readings with local chamber music groups.

Please keep in mind that, while our repertoire contains a few duos for violin and cello, we generally require a suitable, recently tuned piano.

We will be glad to help you
- plan your mini residency event(s) in terms of scheduling.
- create audience interest through the local media.
- with suggestions that will prepare students and teachers for our sessions.

"The children's concert performed by the Felici Trio…entranced grandparents and grandchildren alike. Attention never flagged as the group artfully added musical atmosphere to the story of old Pettersson and his tomcat Findus (by Sweden's Sven Nordqvist)... Afterwards, the trio invited children to come up and try out the instruments. The group's carefully designed format was highly successful, and at least one seven-year-old I know began piano lessons as a direct result of her fascination with this concert."

Philippa Kiraly
Music Critic
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

* * * *

"It was my pleasure to observe all the best in teaching ... a wonderful music appreciation lesson for those 3rd and 4th graders!  The Trio played excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Trio in A Minor, Opus 50.  The lesson included listening, visuals for the children, and participation by the children.  My personal background consists of many years of attending Los Angeles Philharmonic Concerts.  Never, in over 50 years of attending concerts, have I witnessed the feeling of joy, enthusiasm, and love of what they are doing that I perceive when I attend a performance of the Felici Trio!"

Patti Rea
Conejo Valley Teacher of the Year Award, 1997
Mono County Office of Education, Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment

* * * *

"The most amazing thing about the Felici Trio is that, while their performing is on the highest level, they are able to relate so effectively with students of all ages. The school concerts that they gave at American Falls High School and Marsh Valley High School were remarkably successful. The appropriate introductory remarks made by the trio members about each piece immediately drew in the young listeners and assisted in their understanding of what makes the music expressive. They chose the most accessible excerpts to perform and were able to elucidate their musical message in a simple way that even young ears can understand. The music directors at the schools were thrilled and indicated that they felt so fortunate for the visit."

Dr. Kori Bond
Professor of Piano, Idaho State University

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